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When boron’s done right, it can have a powerful impact on your operation’s ROI. That’s why we’ve designed Aspire® to provide hardworking crop nutrition where and when you need it. With a single-granule that combines potassium with two forms of boron, Aspire® delivers uniform nutrient distribution at the root level, allowing for a flexible application window of fall/spring and season-long B availability – increasing yields and outperforming other methods of boron delivery year after year.

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Boron can be a battle.

Though boron plays a vital role in plant growth, it is often overlooked. In fact, boron is the world’s second most deficient micronutrient. Boron is mobile in the soil and can leech. Additionally, traditional boron fertilizer sources cannot provide adequate distribution of this micronutrient.

The solution: Two borons, one granule.

Balanced with potassium into a single granule for uniform distribution and balanced nutrition, Aspire® utilizes two forms of boron — quick-release sodium borate and gradual-release calcium borate — delivered at the root level, providing season-long nutrient availability throughout the plants life cycle.

The right formula for smart boron delivery

The only soil-applied product of its kind, Aspire’s proprietary formula is focused on one thing, making boron delivery more efficient and effective for growers. Our patented Nutriform® technology fuses together two forms of boron with potassium into a single, powerful granule.

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Boron – How to Extend Nutrient Availability

Although boron (B) is considered the most deficient micronutrient in the world after zinc, dynamics of B use in plants and soils have continued to perplex farmers, agronomists and researchers for decades.

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Five Macro Myths About the Micronutrient Boron

Boron – A Critical Nutrient Required for Root Growth and Potassium Uptake

A balanced supply of essential macro- and micronutrients is one of the most important factors to achieve higher crop yields. Boron (B) is one of eight micronutrients needed for proper plant growth. Lack of B in plant tissue can reduce cell wall function and stability, cell elongation, root growth, nutrient uptake and crop yields. This article describes the role of B in root growth and nutrient uptake, with a special emphasis on potassium (K).


Identifying Boron Deficiency in All Crops

One of the micronutrients essential for crop health also happens to be one of the most deficient in agriculture: boron (B).


Follow The 3Ds of Micronutrient Management to Maximize Crop Fertility

Working closely with your advisers on basic fertility needs is a tried-and-true strategy that Dr. Ross Bender, Director of New Product Development for The Mosaic Company, stresses. He suggests starting a crop plan by focusing on the fundamentals: getting a handle on pH, ensuring macronutrients are under control and maximizing the value of micronutrients.

Aspire® Soybean Boron Study

Evaluate the yield response of Aspire® (0-0-58-0.5B) compared to MOP (0-0-60).


Boron Nutrition Necessary for Optimal Alfalfa Yield

After each cutting of alfalfa, growers around the country are removing not just record yields from their fields, but also much-needed nutrients for future growth. Applying the right fertilizer is key to improving efficiencies and increasing yield consistently and conveniently.

Aspire® Alfalfa Boron Fertility

Evaluate the yield response to Aspire® with Boron (0-0-58-0.5B) compared to MOP (0-0-60).

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