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Sometimes the best things aren't made, they're discovered

A special mineral that's naturally better for sensitive crops

Found at only a few places in the world, K-Mag® is an uncommon mineral known as langbeinite. Its potent combination of potassium, magnesium and sulfur features a unique natural chemistry that make it safer and more effective for sensitive and high-yield crop systems.

3-in-1 Nutrient Source

K-Mag® is comprised of three key water-soluble nutrients in the form of K⁺, Mg²⁺ and SO₄²⁻. This balance of nutrients provides a powerful source of crop nutrition across the field, improving the health and success of crops.

Low-chloride K that's safer for sensitive plants

Unlike other sources of potassium, the K in K-Mag® features a very low chloride concentration below 3%. This minimizes the potential for "fertilizer burn" – seeds drying out and failing to germinate due to high salt levels – while providing critical nutrition that doesn't damage plants.

pH-neutral for greater control

Most sources of sulfur tend to lower soil pH, whereas most magnesium sources will raise it. K-Mag®, however, has a natural chemical composition that maintains K, Mg and S in immediately-available forms without modifying soil pH. K-Mag® gives growers the flexibility to apply as much or as little as needed to meet crop nutritional needs.

Kinder to Crops than commodity

In addition to the risk of fertilizer burn and soil pH modifications that come with most commodity sources of K, Mg and S, research suggests that the repeated use of fertilizers high in cations (K+, NH4+, Ca2+, etc.) can induce Mg deficiency. Fertilizers like K-Mag that contain both K and Mg, can minimize or avoid this risk, supporting greater crop nutrition.

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A History of Results

With over 80 years of proven performance, growers have relied on K-Mag® to increase both crop quality and yield on a variety of crops, providing superior results consistently for generations.