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Five Benefits of Soil Organic Matter

Organic matter (O.M.) plays a significant role in crop production and soil health. Building and maintaining a healthy soil that has more O.M. can aid in providing a stronger foundation for higher crop yields and resiliency to environmental stresses.

K-Mag® Blend Study

Evaluate the corn yield response to MOP (0-0-60) and K-Mag® Premium (0-0-21.5-10.5Mg-21S).

Aspire® Soybean Fall vs Spring Broadcast

Evaluate soybean yield response to Aspire®, MOP and a MOP + Granular B blend in fall vs. spring applications.

Performance Acre - Onion Balanced Crop Nutrition

Evaluate onion marketable yield response to MAP, MicroEssentials® SZ® + MOP, and a combination of MicroEssentials SZ + Aspire®.

MicroEssentials® S10® Soybean Study

Evaluate soybean yield response to MAP, MAP + AS and MicroEssentials® S10®.

Performance Acre - Soybean Balanced Crop Nutrition

Evaluate soybean yield response to MAP (11-52-0) + MOP (0-0-60) and a combination of MicroEssentials® S10® (12-40-0-10S) + Aspire® (0-0-58-0.5B)

K-Mag® Onion Blend Study

Evaluate onion marketable yield response to MAP (11-52-0), MAP + MOP (0-0-60) and MAP + MOP + K-Mag® Premium (0-0-21.5-10.5Mg-21S).

Effect of Climate and Soil Properties on Sulfate and Elemental Sulfur Recovery from MicroEssentials

Sulfur (S) is an essential element for all crops. Sulfur deficiency has become more common due to decreased atmospheric inputs, higher yields, and a shift to high-analysis fertilizers with little or no S. Commonly used S fertilizer sources contain either sulfate-S (SO4-S) or elemental sulfur (ES).

Don’t Forget Zinc when Applying Phosphorus to Your Farm

Phosphorus (P) fertilizer is often added to cropping systems to increase yield, but growers should not overlook the importance of micronutrients like Zinc (Zn). Understanding some of the nutrient interactions that affect nutrient availability can help with management decisions like fertilizer source.

Aspire® Alfalfa Timing Study

Evaluate the alfalfa yield response of various treatments and application timings of MOP, an MOP + Granular B blend, and Aspire®.

MicroEssentials® S10® — Corn Study

Evaluate the yield response of corn to MAP (11-52-0) and MicroEssentials® S10® (12-40-0-10S).

MicroEssentials® S10® — Soybean Study

Evaluate the yield response of soybean to MAP (11-52-0), MAP + AS (21-0-0-24S), and MicroEssentials® S10® (12-40-0-10S).