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Boron – How to Extend Nutrient Availability

Although boron (B) is considered the most deficient micronutrient in the world after zinc, dynamics of B use in plants and soils have continued to perplex farmers, agronomists and researchers for decades.

Boron – A Critical Nutrient Required for Root Growth and Potassium Uptake

A balanced supply of essential macro- and micronutrients is one of the most important factors to achieve higher crop yields. Boron (B) is one of eight micronutrients needed for proper plant growth. Lack of B in plant tissue can reduce cell wall function and stability, cell elongation, root growth, nutrient uptake and crop yields. This article describes the role of B in root growth and nutrient uptake, with a special emphasis on potassium (K).


Planning: A Roundtable Agronomic Discussion

Unfenced: What are the steps a farmer might take to improve his or her preparation for increased success in 2016?

The Impact of High Yields on Deficient Soils

Record yields equal record removal of nutrients and should indicate a need for record soil nutrient replenishment.


Partnerships: Access New Ideas Through Your Most Trusted Advisors

Chances are, you didn't get into farming for the opportunity to lead a team. In fact, you probably never envisioned a future in which your job would require you to access a small club of confidants just to be able to grow a crop.

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Is Your Soil Up to the Challenge


Adapting to a Rapidly Changing, Knowledge- and Technology-Driven Industry

The CPS location Lance Loveless works for, located just 4 miles south of Delphi, Indiana, and about 25 miles northeast of Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, is in an area ripe with productivity for many corn and soybean farmers. The area is also home to a diverse farming community, with farmers ranging from the 200-acre hobby farmer who works in town to the 9,000-acre farmer whose farm is his business, along with a number of large pork producers.