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Managing Phosphorus Soil Test Values

Soil testing is the farmer’s best tool for determining and managing phosphorus (P) levels in their fields. Testing can confirm increases in soil test phosphorus resulting from application of P and also document how much crop removal has decreased soil test phosphorus.


Fall Applied Nitrogen in the Corn Belt

Risks associated with fall nitrogen (N) applications fit into four categories: logistical, agronomic, environmental and economic, the last of which currently ties very closely to the others and will be discussed in conjunction with them.


Case Study: Indiana’s Fairholme Farms

Both Kim Drackett and Randy Bales describe 1,850-acre Fairholme Farms as “a typical eastern Corn Belt operation,” but their management approach is, and long has been, anything but typical.


Case Study: Iowa’s Denny Friest

In 2010, most farmers were anxiously awaiting long-promised drought-tolerant corn hybrids, Denny Friest, however, would have welcomed moisture-tolerant hybrids on his north-central Iowa farm. Too much moisture often poses the biggest challenge of farming the dense, poorly drained Clarion-Nicolette-Webster soils, which are typical of North America’s vast Prairie Pothole region.


Drought, Nitrogen and Water Quality

Mother Nature pummeled farmers across the U.S. this past summer (2012). Crops wilted and collapsed, soils parched, and some streams faded to trickles. Important nitrogen (N) management questions were faced by farmers suffering through this drought.


IPNI Corn Belt Fertility Study: 2010

The status of soil fertility levels is an indicator of the sustainability of farming. Every five years, the staff of IPNI and cooperating private and public laboratories across the United States and Canada summarize soil test levels for phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) as well as pH to get an inventory of soil fertility levels across North America.


Agronomic Field Results: MAP vs. DAP, 2002 to 2005

Corn Summaries