Serving Growers with Certainty at The Most Uncertain Time

5 tips to help growers navigate planting in 2020

Planting season is always an unpredictable time, and the demands on retailers are particularly significant when there are strains on the industry.

As you communicate with growers during planting, The Mosaic Company offers suggestions on ways to help growers proactively evaluate their operations and crop nutrition plans to ensure they’re ready to go when fields are ready to plant, no matter the circumstances.

  1. Finalize input decisions ASAP: Work with growers to square away crop selection and input plans if they’re still on the fence as planting looms closer. Manage product availability and delivery options with them to the best of your ability, and encourage frequent communication.

  2. Last-minute soil testing: If growers have the chance, encourage taking soil samples now or evaluating previous yield data to assist with last-minute decision-making. Share with them these early-season crop nutrition best practices that covers key nutrients, wet soil implications and more.

  3. Discuss custom application: Prepare your team for an influx of fertilizer applications, and make sure they are doing their best to stay healthy (rested, hydrated and following precautions). It also can’t hurt to develop a backup plan for keeping the team informed about last-minute changes to needs or process.

  4. Set business affairs in order: Many banks are requiring business over the phone or through drive-thru. Remind growers to account for any additional hurdles they may have to jump over during this busy time, as they work to secure financing.

  5. Constantly communicate: Be in continuous contact with your team members, growers, suppliers, etc., to keep everyone informed about any changes that may affect their business.

If you have questions or concerns during this uncertain time, The Mosaic Company representatives are available to help you navigate fertilizer supply needs or education.

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