Nutrient Balance Plays Big Role in Balancing Land Value

In an article published by CropLife, Dr. Paul Fixen from the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) outlines the relationship of nutrients and land value. Dr. Fixen stresses that, if left unchecked, nutrients can erode the soil fertility of the land that is so highly valued.

With increasing land prices, taking care of the soil is a top priority. Nutrients applied vs. nutrients removed by the crop can have a large effect on what condition the soil is left in, and can reduce fertility if there is not a proper balance. Crops gather many of their nutrients from the bulk soil, not from this year’s application of nutrients. So, keeping the soil around the plant healthy is critical.

Fertility levels that drop below certain thresholds is not unlike going over the “nutrient cliff.” This can lead to consequences like reduced system efficiency, increased potential for nutrient losses, and a loss in land value.

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