February 2018

Aspire® Sugarcane and Sugar Content Study


Evaluate sugarcane yield and sugar content response to Aspire® with Boron (0-0-58-0.5B) compared to MOP (0-0-60).


  • Potassium (K) and boron (B) are key components of a sugarcane nutrition program.

  • Deficiencies of both K and B are often observed in coarse, well-drained, sandy soils.

  • Boron is crucial for cell growth, reproductive development and increased yield.

  • Research has shown that K fertilizers containing micronutrients in a single granule provide improved nutrient distribution and increased crop nutrient uptake compared to conventional fertilizer blends.

  • Aspire® premium potash combines K and B in each granule to help achieve uniform B distribution.


Locations and Crop Management:

Crop: Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

Years: 2013–2014; 2016–2017

Locations: 4 crops (2 plant and 2 ratoon) across 2 locations in LA

Data Source: Field studies conducted by Louisiana State University.

Experimental Design: Small-plot RCBD with 4 replications.

Cropping Conditions:

N and P Rate: As recommended by soil test

K Rate: 120 lbs K₂O/ac applied as MOP or Aspire®

B Rate: 1 lb B/ac applied as Aspire®

Application Timing: Applied in March (plant and ratoon)

Application Method: Broadcast incorporated by furrow tillage

Soil Type: Silt loam soil at both locations


Cumulative Cane Yield
Cumulative Sugar Yield


  • Cane and sugar yield increased with the addition of K and B.

  • Cumulative cane yield with Aspire® was 6.5 tons/ac (7.0%) higher than MOP.

  • Cumulative sugar yield with Aspire® was 0.8 ton/ac (7.5%) higher than MOP.

  • Higher cane yield and sugar content achieved using Aspire® demonstrate the benefits of B and uniform nutrient distribution.

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Individual results may vary, and performance may vary from location to location and from year to year. This result may not be an indicator of results you may obtain as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible.

WARNING: Contains boron. Use of boron may result in crop injury. DO NOT place this product in direct contact with the seed.