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Effective Crop Nutrition.

Benefits for more balanced nutrition

In addition to offering 3.3% more K₂0 than commodity potash, Pegasus® pure white potash offers unique performance benefits that promote more balanced crop nutrition versus untreated crops — allowing for increased yields and greater ROI.

Uniform Consistency for uniform distribution

Unlike commodity potash, Pegasus® granules are normalized for consistency of size and shape, allowing for more uniform fertilizer distribution — streamlining application and ensuring balanced nutrition across the field.

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Flexible dry/fluid fertilizer application

Because of its low quantity of insolubles and impurities, Pegasus is uniquely optimal for either dry or fluid fertilizer applications. Pegasus Granular is ideal for dry fertilizer blending, while Pegasus Fine can be melted as a component of fluid fertilizer or used in fluid fertilizer suspensions for a variety of crops and soils.

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Signature white for superior visibility

The unique white color of Pegasus Granular makes it easy to see when applied dry. This improved visibility allows for more consistent and precise application. When applied in liquid form, Pegasus Fine dissolves quickly, leaving minimal residue.

Does more than commodity with less

Whereas the K₂O content of commodity red potash is only 60%, Pegasus® pure white potash offers 62%. While that may seem like a relatively small percentage, with the large volume of potash required by most operations, it has major implications for profitability — with the power to enhance margins by as much as seven dollars per ton. Combine that with its uniform blending and distributability, and the choice is black and white.

100% Performance

Research shows that up to 60% of yields is dependent on crop nutrition. That means the additional 3.3% K₂O content offered by Pegasus® can have a profound effect on an operation's bottom line.

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Does your soil have what it needs?

As crops continue to pull nutrients out of the soil, it’s more important than ever to invest in performance fertilizers like Pegasus® to ensure you’re replenishing your fields year after year to promote healthy plants with the best possible nutritional value.

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