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Pure potash formulated for pure results

A Difference That's
Easy To See

With 3.3% more K₂O per ton compared to traditional red MOP, Pegasus® pure white potash is not only more visible in its dry form due to its bright white coloration, but it also contains fewer insolubles and impurities — allowing for balanced crop nutrition with more cost-efficient transportation and delivery.

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Delivering Potash Can Be a Heavy Burden

Potash is one of the most fundamental sources of potassium, an essential macronutrient critical for both crop growth and development. Every year growers must utilize ton after ton of this important fertilizer, accounting for the logistics of transportation, storing and blending such great quantities of material.

Less Bulk. More Efficiency.

Whereas red potash is often riddled with insolubles and impurities that add unnecessary weight and cost of transportation, Pegasus pure white potash maximizes efficiency by providing more K₂O per ton than commodity options — reducing the total amount of fertilizer required while providing a more efficient, innovative source.

Our formula
applied your way

Lower insolubles and impurities make Pegasus® well-suited for both direct
application and bulk blending.

Lower insolubles and impurities make Pegasus well-suited for both dry application with Pegasus Granular, and direct, wet application with Pegasus Fine.

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Pushing the potential of potash

Learn how Pegasus pure white potash offers balanced crop nutrition with the power to maximize yield potential — while providing greater efficiency of both transport and application when compared with commodity alternatives.