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5 Scouting Tips to Identify Early-Season Deficiencies

Scouting is one of the simplest but most important tasks to complete during the growing season. Read on for five tips to help mitigate early-season deficiencies.


Scouting Soybeans for Deficiencies and More

With the potential for higher soybean yields with each passing year, the need for a strong, healthy crop continues to rise. It also requires a high level of management that starts with scouting.


Boron’s Importance in Plant Development and Growth

One of the micronutrients that is essential for crop health also happens to be one of the most deficient in the majority of fields: boron.


Plan Now for Your 2014 Fertility Program

Even before the 2013 crop is in the bin, growers should begin putting thought into how they will proactively manage their 2014 fertility programs. One of the most important investments made in a crop season, a fertility program should be looked at holistically, and involve preparatory steps and decisions long before winter’s downtime.


How Plants Show Hunger

The relationship between soil chemistry and nutrient uptake can fluctuate just as much as the weather from year to year.


My Soil Tests Are Complete. Now What?

The first step in effectively using soil test results to your advantage is comparing the results to historical records to ensure the results make sense. Remember, when comparing current soil tests to historical data, that the information was gathered at the same time of year, because nutrient availability can change during the year. While trends may be evident, any big change in nutrient levels in the soil should be looked at carefully.


Soil Testing: When, Why and How

Although soil testing continues to be a best soil management practice, the way to go about it has changed. With the global positioning system (GPS), farmers can be smarter about how they conduct soil tests.

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Is Your Soil Up to the Challenge


Deficiency ID: Minimizing the Impact of Nutrient Deficiencies

Midseason scouting is a best management practice engaged in by every farmer who wants to pursue the best possible outcomes for his production, year-in and year-out.


Tissue Testing Can Save Your Crop

Tissue testing and plant analysis date back to the 19th century. Since that time, considerable research has been devoted to refining these tools for assisting farmers to efficiently manage crops


‘C.H.E.C.K.’ It Out: A Helpful Checklist for Uniform Nutrient Application

If your nutrient application isn’t uniform, then you really don’t know how much food your crops have at their root tips. Uniform distribution of fertilizer application can be the difference that gets the plants to bountiful production and ensures the farmer’s return on investment.


Identifying Boron Deficiency in All Crops

One of the micronutrients essential for crop health also happens to be one of the most deficient in agriculture: boron (B).