The Mosaic Company Introduces Bio-Based Fertilizer to Help Growers Improve Soil Health

Soil is central to any operation. Growers understand that fertilizer replenishes nutrients removed at harvest, yet they continue to look for new and innovative ways to sustain the health of this critical resource over time. The Mosaic Company is showing its commitment to support healthier soils. As a driver of this commitment to soil health, Mosaic introduces Sus-Terra fertilizer, its first bio-based phosphate fertilizer, which will be available this fall through local retailers.

“Today’s growers make fertilizer decisions to benefit the crop, but they’re also committed to the long-term health of their soil to ensure the legacy of their land for generations to come,” said Tom Fry, Director of Performance Products at The Mosaic Company. “To help growers balance these objectives, we’re working harder than ever to develop products that support yield while creating healthier soils. Sus-Terra fertilizer is indicative of that mission to help growers manage this paradox.”

Not only are growers interested in optimizing soil health, but the supply chain is seeking more sustainably produced food sources. This has placed an increased emphasis on building healthy soils through various practices: tillage, organic matter application, biological function, water management and optimal fertility. Mosaic has a long history of promoting balanced crop nutrition; now, the industry leader is helping growers and retailers understand how fertility can contribute to the overall sustainability and health of soils.

A recent survey found that 86% of growers say they’re actively looking for ways to do more to improve the health of their soil (Mosaic, 2020). To address this desire, The Mosaic Company is investing in innovative partnerships, practices and products to explore and advance what crop nutrition can do for all of us.

“We’ve seen that growers are increasingly interested in ways to maximize productivity and profitability, given finite resources available to them,” said Fry. “Beyond the pursuit of higher yields and balanced crop nutrition, there are many other factors to consider, such as soil replenishment, improving nutrient efficiency and using more sustainable practices.”

Sus-Terra fertilizer – bio-based with Soil Health at its core
As part of this commitment to building healthy soils, The Mosaic Company is launching Sus-Terra fertilizer (14-24-0-10S + up to 15% organic matter), an innovative bio-based phosphate fertilizer with sulfur that uses recycled organic matter to efficiently deliver nutrients. Some of the key benefits growers can expect from Sus-Terra fertilizer include:

  • Improved nutrient efficiency: Sus-Terra fertilizer is optimized for the efficient delivery of nutrients — with immediate nitrogen availability for early season growth and slow-release nitrogen for late season needs.

  • Boosts and balances soil microbiomes: Built with up to 15% recycled organic matter,

    Sus-Terra fertilizer promotes microbial activity in the soil, supporting a more balanced microbiome that’s proven to improve overall soil health.

  • Innovative, Sustainable Fertilizer: Unlike other phosphate fertilizers, Sus-Terra fertilizer uses bio-based technology to deliver recycled organic matter and nutrients for more sustainable production.

  • Easy blending and application: A high-quality, homogeneous, dry-granular product, Sus-Terra fertilizer provides uniform nutrient distribution, blends easily with other fertilizers, and is well-suited for use with existing application equipment.

“Sus-Terra fertilizer not only enhances our current product portfolio but will also enhance efficacy of nutrients while replenishing soils,” stated Fry. “Helping growers achieve healthy soils, higher yields and better environmental stewardship through products like Sus-Terra fertilizer will pave the way for innovative progress in soil health and crop nutrition.”

Sus-Terra fertilizer will be manufactured by Anuvia Plant Nutrients in Mosaic’s Plant City, Florida site and marketed in the U.S. exclusively by The Mosaic Company under a new commercial agreement.

For more information about Sus-Terra fertilizer, visit or speak with a Mosaic representative today.

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