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Periodic Table of Crop Nutrients

17 nutrients are essential for plant health. Optimal yields can only be produced when all these nutrients are in proper supply. If just one nutrient is lacking in the soil, crop yields will suffer. Understanding each nutrient’s role and value will ensure your crops will thrive, producing maxiumum yields.

Nutrient Removal Calculator

What's your harvest removing from the soil?

01. Choose Your Crop

02. Adjust Your Yield


03. See Your Nutrient Removal Rate*Removed (LB/AC)





Nitrogen removal rate
Phosphorus removal rate
Potassium removal rate
Sulfur removal rate

* IPNI nutrient removal rates, April 2014

Nutrient removal values may vary regionally depending on growing conditions. Use locally available data whenever possible. Crop nutrient removal and soil test considerations should be made for proper nutrient recommendations.