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When it comes to crop nutrition, higher-yielding hybrids, aggressive production goals and new and evolving plant stresses require an advanced approach to fertility. As the leader in crop nutrition, Mosaic invests in research and innovative products to unlock a farm’s fullest potential. We’ve developed biological products that enhance the relationship between soil and crop nutrients to boost crop revenue potential.

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Not All Biologicals are the Same

BioPath® is a biological fertilizer complement formulated with proven strains of PGPR — Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria — that increases nutrient availability, uptake and utilization and improves early season plant growth and vigor, optimizing yield potential in corn.

The perfect

BioPath® is the perfect complement to an early-season fertility program and is an economical way to improve return on fertilizer investment (ROFI).

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    Ease of use & compatible
    with most liquid fertilizers

    BioPath® is compatible with most liquid fertilizers and crop protectants, has no special storage conditions, and has a 24-month shelf-life. It also has a shelf-life of up to 18 months in fertilizer blends.

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    Consistently performed with an
    80% win rate

    The strains of Bacillus bacteria in BioPath®, their modes of action and use rates are well-understood. BioPath® has consistently performed in research trials, with over 80% win rate.

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    Cost per acre
    is below the industry standard

    BioPath's cost per acre is at or below the industry standard. Coupled with a yield advantage ROI of over 3 to 1 makes it an economical way to improve return on fertilizer investment.

at work.

BioPath® is a biological fertilizer complement that can be included in early-season fertilizer applications to improve nutrient use efficiency and set up crops for success during the pivotal developmental period before pollination and grain fill.

Increases nutrient availability

The select strains of Bacillus in BioPath® produce organic acids and enzymes that improve the solubilization of fertilizer into plant-available forms.

Facilitates efficient nutrient uptake and utilization

BioPath® helps produce plant growth promoting compounds essential for root development and growth. A healthier, more robust root system enables more efficient nutrient absorption.

Improves plant health and yield potential

BioPath® helps harness soil nutrients, so corn plants have the nutrition they need at peak uptake times throughout the season. Better nutrient efficiency combined with more vigorous early-season plant growth can increase the return on fertilizer investments and optimize corn yield potential.

Proven Performance

BioPath® has been rigorously tested in fields with consistent performance across environmental conditions.

Optimizes Yield Potential - BioPath

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On Farm Value.

BioPath® is an affordable way to increase return on fertilizer investment. Adding BioPath® to a fertilizer program helps ensure that nutrients are accessible and plant-available ahead of critical plant uptake periods. With a yield advantage ROI of over 3 to 1, BioPath® makes soil and fertilizer work harder, allowing crops to grow stronger and increasing ROFI and overall profitability.

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Earn CCA credits and gain a comprehensive understanding of BioPath® when you take our interactive online learning course with all the latest data, research and trends.
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