As leaders in crop nutrition, we are committed to expanding crop nutrition knowledge.

At The Mosaic Company, crop nutrition is more than an initiative; it’s the fabric of our identity and at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to sharing content in a way that makes it accessible, approachable and, ultimately, actionable.

Meet the experts from Mosaic’s Agronomy team, who will share their expertise in crop nutrition to provide the knowledge and resources needed to optimize crop production.

Kyle Freeman, Ph.D.

Dr. Kyle Freeman is Director of New Product Development for The Mosaic Company. He is responsible for leading all product development, agronomy, and research efforts worldwide. This includes leading Mosaic's new product development process, the Stage-Gate® process. Dr. Freeman and his team manage over 500 small-plot research trials around the world, as well as a commercial trial program with more than 100 locations annually. Additionally, Dr. Freeman leads a global team of agronomists that deliver fertility and crop nutrition expertise to Mosaic and its customers. Dr. Freeman earned a Master of Science degree in soil science and Ph.D. in soil fertility from Oklahoma State University, and he is an active member of the ASA-CSSA-SSSA professional societies, serving on various committees.

Matt Clover, Ph.D.

Dr. Matt Clover is Manager of Research and Alliances for The Mosaic Company. He is responsible for developing and leading Mosaic’s global research program, ensuring that these initiatives are aligned with current business objectives and are carried out with utmost integrity. His main responsibility is to develop and manage the Strategic Alliances focused on new-product development. These worldwide research partners include the University of Adelaide, Sabanci University and the University of Illinois. Dr. Clover is also responsible for global management of all field research, and collaborating with all Mosaic agronomists on synthesizing research data into relevant commercial information. He also contributes to Mosaic’s New-Product Development process, leading the Discovery Steering Committee of the Stage-Gate® process. Dr. Clover earned a Master of Science degree in crop sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Ph.D. in soil science from Iowa State University, and he is an active member of the ASA and SSSA professional societies.

Curt Woolfolk, M.S.

Curt Woolfolk is a Senior Agronomist for The Mosaic Company. His role involves developing the North American agronomic strategy to support Mosaic's commercial team. This strategy results in the latest technical information and product knowledge that creates distinctive value for Mosaic Premium Products and delivers consistent agronomic solutions to Mosaic customers. His main responsibility is to educate and train internal and external sales forces about Mosaic premium products and balanced crop nutrition. Curt has led Mosaic's on-farm trial program as a Product Development specialist, has over 12 years of experience in precision agriculture, and extensive farming experience. Curt earned a Bachelor of Science degree in soil science and Master of Science degree in soil fertility from Oklahoma State University. Curt is a member of NAICC and ASA-SSSA professional societies.

Ross Bender, Ph.D.

Dr. Ross Bender is Senior Agronomist for The Mosaic Company. His responsibilities include educating and training internal and external sales forces on Mosaic premium products and balanced crop nutrition. Prior to joining Mosaic, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in crop sciences at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and a Master of Science degree and Ph.D. in plant physiology at the University of Illinois. Ross has used his training, education and research experience to interactively share cutting-edge plant nutrition knowledge across dozens of diverse retailer and producer audiences.

World Wide Research Partners

In order to support the development of new and innovative products and the improvement of existing products, Mosaic partners with university researchers around the world specializing in fertilizer technology and soil chemistry.

Key strategic partners include Dr. Fred Below (University of Illinois), Dr. Mike McLaughlin (University of Adelaide, South Australia) and Dr. Ismail Cakmak (Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey).

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The 17 Essential Nutrients: Don’t leave your field without them

Sulfur deficiency in corn can masquerade as nitrogen deficiency. Boron deficiency in soybeans may remain hidden — the only sign being a yield below optimal. Liebig’s Law of the Minimum sums up the whole concept of balanced crop nutrition.

Soybean Aphids Flourish Where Potassium Is Deficient

Have you ever seen a soybean field where aphids infested some areas more than others? There’s a good chance the pattern might follow potassium (K) availability. Research conducted around ten years ago in Wisconsin and Michigan studied this phenomenon in detail.

McLaughlin wins 2015 IFA Norman Borlaug Award

To raise the crops to feed the world, first you need to feed the crops. Dr. Mike McLaughlin, an expert on phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients, recently was named the recipient of the 2015 IFA Norman Borlaug Award.


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